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What's inside the app

  • Programs designed for you

    What's inside

    Programs designed for you

    From building muscle, to general fitness, the Fit Media team will help you achieve your goals with a series of workouts and programmes to match your needs. You can also select a plan that works for your own routine — whether you can hit the gym three or four days a week, or more. If you want a plan to get you beach-ready in just a few weeks, or you want to steadily build muscle over several months, there's different plans to choose from and more added all the time.

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  • Nutrition guide

    What's inside

    Nutrition guide

    Nutrition is a key part of training. Make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to maximize results with our guide.

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  • Coaching & community

    What's inside

    Coaching & community

    • Ask me questions directly

    • Share your success with me

    • Tell me what content you want to see

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  • Exclusive programs

    3 Day Full Body Split

    • For beginners or busy individuals who can commit to going to the gym three times a week

    • Targets the entire body to build muscle

    • 4-week program designed to be progressive to improve your performance every week

  • Exclusive programs

    4 Day Split

    • 4-week gym program, 4 days a week

    • Build muscle by focusing on upper body & lower body on different days

    • For all fitness levels, designed to be progressive

  • Exclusive programs

    5 Day Split

    • 8-week gym program, 5 days a week

    • For motivated individuals looking to maximize muscle gain

    • Push, pull, and legs day, with additional focus on chest/back and arms/shoulders

  • Exclusive programs

    Weekly Workouts

    • New workouts posted every week

    • Gym workouts focused on building muscle & strength

    • For all fitness levels

About Fit Media

About Fit Media

With millions of views every month on YouTube, Fit Media Channel is one of the most trusted brands in fitness. Now, we’ve used that same expertise to create an exclusive series of workouts and training plans to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

The Fit Media training app will help you reach your goals, with a series of exclusive plans and programmes you can follow.

There’s weekly workouts, so every time you go to the gym, you can pick one to use for that day’s session. Plus there’s specially built programmes you can follow across a number of weeks — all tailored to how many days a week you train.

Lead trainer for the Fit Media app is Benjamin Ahlblad — qualified PT, and one of the most popular trainers on Fit Media Channel. Beny specialises in body transformation, muscle building and fat burning, with six years' experience helping hundreds of satisfied clients.

Take a look at some of the programmes our team has developed. You’ll find new plans dropping every few weeks. So let’s get started!

Membership perks

  • Stay motivated

    We post new workouts regularly so you can stay motivated and accountable. With all our offerings, you'll never get bored of your workout routine.

  • Easy-to-follow videos

    Know you're training the right way with easy-to-follow videos and simple instructions.

  • Community

    Join our community to share your fitness journey, stay accountable, and connect with others.

  • Nutrition made simple

    Learn exactly what to eat when, get grocery lists, and find out the foods that will keep you fueled and energized.

  • Workout programs

    Our workout programs are made for all fitness levels to help you achieve your goals.

  • Talk to us

    Message us directly in the app to ask any questions you may have and request your favorite content.

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